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Boho Beautiful Ascension

Boho Beautiful Ascension

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Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, and more.  A complete seven-day mind & body yogic attunement. Rise above all that no longer serves you to connect deeper with your true authenticity and next level’s potential.

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Through a seven day schedule of daily yoga classes, mindful lessons, and contemplative ideas, Ascension will realign your chakras and rebalance your entire mind, body, & being.

7 Daily Concept Theme Lessons
7 Connective Yoga Classes w/Juliana (50 Minutes)
7 Reflective Yoga Classes w/Mark (30-40 Minutes)
3 Pranayama Breath-work Classes
4 Guided Meditations
7 Daily Poetic Reconnective closers
1 Program Introduction
1 Program Wrap Up

Includes the 60+ page Ascension Support Book entitled “Reclaim Your Power In Seven Days”.

This is an all level course.

For any beginners there will be many modifications in the yoga classes provided. For the more experienced yogis there will be opportunities to expand your practice further.

Nothing more than a Yoga Mat and an openness to all that the experience will reveal to you. Optional tools you can consider would be both a journal & some sacred burnables - sage, incense, Palo Santo, or a candle.

Purchase this program once to access it for life, with no download limits or expiration dates.

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Video Streaming: All content can be streamed on web browsers, mobile devices, and via Chromecast & Apple TV directly to your smart TV at home.

Guide Book: All supportive written material will be downloadable in PDF format.

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Become The Light You Wish To See In The World

This next level yoga program explores the deeper dimensions of optimizing your physical body, conscious mind, & divine spirit while working to transcend all circumstantial limitations in order to liberate your true authentic best self.


/əˈsɛnʃ(ə)n/ - noun
The act of rising to an important position or a higher level.

"Your ongoing ascension towards a more enhanced, enlightened & expanded version of you"

Yogic Attunement

Deepen your mind & body connection through two daily yoga classes that focus on balancing and recharging your energy centers while expanding your physical capabilities on the mat.

Inner Expansion

Crystallize valuable perspectives and contemplation through meditation, pranayama, and thought-provoking concepts to strengthen your vital life force and help you rise above.

Powerful Change

Master the implementation of a new set of conscious tactics & tools designed to help you fortify mindful positive habits into your life to nurture your truth & authentic life experience.

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