Awakened Bohemian

Boho Beautiful's Activewear collection

Blue Lagoon ecoLegging

Reflecting themes of purity, resilience, and the innate human longing for connection with both the natural world and with one another. 

Life Aquatic ecoLegging

Encouraging us to dive beneath the surface of our own lives, explore the depths of our souls, and to embrace the adventure of being fully alive.

Awakened Bohemian's

Mint-Summer Nights Dream

Awakened Bohemian's

Vanilla Sky

Awakened Bohemian's

Life Aquatic


Blue Lagoon

Mint-Summer Nights Dream ecoLegging

Surrendering to the magical and surreal elements of our everyday lives and  pondering the mysterious workings of fate and the eternal quest for love and fulfillment.

Vanilla Sky ecoLegging

Contemplating the nature of consciousness, the interconnectedness of all things, and the eternal search for meaning and purpose in life.