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Boho Beautiful Transform
Boho Beautiful Transform
Boho Beautiful Transform

Boho Beautiful Transform

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A cutting edge 14 day fitness program that will push you to achieve your next level physical strength, incredible weight-loss, and beautiful body definition. A new generation workout program for a new era of fitness.

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Through a challenging 14 day schedule of 30 to 40 minute mat based workouts, Transform will take you through a combination of body toning, weight-loss, and cardio classes to help you achieve incredible results from the inside out.

6 Cardio Weight-Loss Classes (30-45 mins)
6 Targeted Body Toning Classes (30-45 mins)
2 Sore Muscle Releasing Deep Stretch Yoga Classes (1 Hour)
3 Pre-Workout Personal Guidance Videos
1 Course Intro Video
1 Program Outro Video

Includes the "Transform Program Guide", filled with strategies for clean eating, effective muscle recovery, weight-loss hacks, program schedule customization options and more!

Every class in this program provides different exercise modifications to match all individual fitness levels, thus this program is customizable to fit everyone’s goals and needs.

For all levels, it won’t be easy, but it will be worth sticking it through.

You will need nothing more than a Yoga Mat, and a set of dumbbells or filled water bottles equaling two, three, or five pounds.

Also it is recommended to bring a fair amount of determination and dedication towards pushing your limits to their next level each day.

Purchase this program once to access it for life, with no download limits or expiration dates.

Enjoy this program on all your devices through Boho Beautiful Premium - your one stop access for streaming, downloading & discovering all of Boho Beautiful’s Premium Programs.

Video Streaming: All content can be streamed on web browsers, mobile devices, and via Chromecast & Apple TV directly to your smart TV at home.

Guide Book: All supportive written material will be downloadable in PDF format.

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Push To Your New Limitless Potential

Boho Beautiful Transform is a fully immersive at-home fitness program designed to push you past your limitations and help you realize an entirely new potential that exists within you.

Results That Begin From The Inside Out

Through a 14 day schedule of challenging 30-40 minute mat based workouts, Transform will take you to your next level and help you understand that your real transformation begins from the inside out.

Lose Weight

Through a variety of challenging 30-40 minute mat based cardio weight-loss classes, this program will not only help you build your stamina and agility, but it will also boost your metabolism and help you get into your fat burning zone to bring you closer to achieving your physical goals.

Tone Up

Through uniquely targeted toning classes, this program will help you sculpt and tone areas of your body to create beautiful muscular definition. The results will not only help you feel great on the outside, but help you feel amazing about your body and strength on the inside.

Build Strength

Every class provides a selection of modifications to match your individual fitness level, as the program itself can be customized to fit everyone’s goals. Through your dedication to daily practice, this program will help you arrive at a new level of strength you never imagined possible.

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