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Boho Beautiful Retreat
Boho Beautiful Retreat
Boho Beautiful Retreat
Boho Beautiful Retreat
Boho Beautiful Retreat

Boho Beautiful Retreat

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A comprehensive seven day yoga retreat that you can experience in your home, at your own pace, and is customizable to all levels of experience.

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Through a carefully crafted 7 day schedule you will explore many different styles, practices, and intentions of yoga in just under 2 hours per day.

7 Morning Yoga Classes (60 mins)
7 Gentle Evening Yoga/Meditation Practices (30 mins)
7 Reconnect Sessions (10-15 mins)
1 Course Intro Video
1 Program Outro Video

Includes the 50 page "Essential "Retreat Guide & Yoga Journey" Handbook.

This program is recommended for moderate to experienced yogis.

Even though many modifications and careful guidance will be provided for those with less experience, it is recommended that you have at least a basic foundation to your yoga practice.

A Yoga Mat, a Yoga Strap (belt or tie), and a personal journal.

Also it will be essential that you have on open mind and an enthusiasm towards diving deep into this exploration of yoga.

Purchase this program once to access it for life, with no download limits or expiration dates.

Enjoy this program on all your devices through Boho Beautiful Premium - your one stop access for streaming, downloading & discovering all of Boho Beautiful’s Premium Programs.

Video Streaming: All content can be streamed on web browsers, mobile devices, and via Chromecast & Apple TV directly to your smart TV at home.

Guide Book: All supportive written material will be downloadable in PDF format.

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Gift Yourself The Yoga Retreat That You Deserve

Through the many styles and types of daily yoga & mindfulness classes plus the 65+ page Retreat Support Book, this at-home yoga retreat will optimize, expand, and completely re-align your yoga practice both on and off the mat.

Roll Out Your Mat & Exhale

This program's daily schedule of classes will provide you an opportunity to unplug from your daily life and plug back into the practice of self-care & realignment that a typical yoga retreat would provide, all from the comfort of your own home.

Journey Through Yoga

Through an in-depth exploration of yoga styles, postures, and focus techniques, this retreat will help you dive deeper into your soul to can heal, re-discover, and re-connect to all that you are.

Mindful Re-Alignment

Through a variety tutorials, breathing exercises, meditations, discussions, and journaling exercises, this program will help you discover true peace, joy, and balance within.

Inward Exploration

Each day is hinged on a specific intention, peak yoga poses, and a carefully curated personal challenge that is intended to advance your relationship with yourself both on and off the mat.

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