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Boho Beautiful Complete
Boho Beautiful Complete
Boho Beautiful Complete
Boho Beautiful Complete
Boho Beautiful Complete

Boho Beautiful Complete

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This comprehensive Boho Beautiful super program contains all three full length programs: The Ultimate Pilates Bootcamp, The Essential Yin Yoga Journey, and The Perfect Yoga Workout Program, combined into one incredible Complete 14-day yoga practice and workout plan.

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Together Boho Beautiful Complete combines the targeted goals of each of its programs to create an incredibly effective mind & body experience.

You will receive a practice schedule for both 14 & 21 days to chose from.

12 Full Length Workout & Yoga Videos (45-60 mins)
3 Course Introduction Videos
3 Program Wrap Up Videos

Includes “The Complete Support Guide Book” which contains a 14 & 21 day practice schedule, tips, modifications, effective meal prep, and more.

This is an all-levels program with provided modifications to help you adjust the classes to your own desires & needs.

All you will need is a Yoga Mat and a fiery spirit aimed to push your potential to a new heights.

Purchase this program once to access it for life, with no download limits or expiration dates.

Enjoy this program on all your devices through Boho Beautiful Premium - your one stop access for streaming, downloading & discovering all of Boho Beautiful’s Premium Programs.

Video Streaming: All content can be streamed on web browsers, mobile devices, and via Chromecast & Apple TV directly to your smart TV at home.

Guide Book: All supportive written material will be downloadable in PDF format.

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Three Programs In One Beautiful Package

The Boho Beautiful Complete Series contains all three full length programs that will guide you through a comprehensive mind & body experience that is guaranteed to leave you feeling great from the inside out.

Your Path To A More Healthy & Balanced Life

Through a 14 & 21 day schedule of Yoga Workouts, Pilates Classes, & Yin Yoga Sessions, this complete program gives you the tools to create new habits & achieve new levels of health, balance, and wellbeing.

The Ultimate Pilates Bootcamp

An effective and results driven mat based Pilates program designed to help you achieve incredible weight-loss, muscle definition, and new strength from head to toe.

The Essential Yin Yoga Journey

This immersive & effective yin yoga journey aims to improve your flexibility, let go of tension and stress, and help you achieve and incredibly deep emotional & muscular release.

The Perfect Yoga Workout Program

This program will combine effective toning exercises, power yoga, and deep releasing yoga asanas in order to leave you feeling strong, healthy, and balanced from the inside out.

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